Carla Chrzan, MM.

Carla here, a free-spirited intuitive healer who’s on a mission to empower you to fully live your life free from inner struggles, spark your confidence, showcase the unique facets of your brilliance, honor your shadow, release your demons....with a fire in your confidence so you can see the brilliance that you share with the world.

By utilizing my channeling gifts, coaching style, and intuitive healing you get the deluxe treatment leaving no stone unturned… and of course, finishing with a little dash of sparkle.

I’ve spent over 20 years studying holistic health, psychology, kinesiology, mindfulness, various healing modalities, massage therapy, coaching techniques, meditation, nutrition, mind-body connection, NVC, and enhancing my intuitive gifts.

I’ve been on my own healing journey going to all the top doctors, holistic and allopathic, trying to fit in their paradigm with no prevail. It wasn’t until I did a complete reset, mind-body-spirit, that my bi-monthly migraines lessened, the weight fell off, and depression lifted. Ahhh…

There is no magic bullet, I’m sorry to say. We are all on our own individual paths and I’m here to help you figure out what is best for YOU!

 Luis M. Rivera, MS, ACC, BCTOM

Having been on his own health journey since an early age. Luis has been exploring health all his life. Getting formally trained in the areas of physiology and injury prevention along with being a certified international coach his goal has been to help everyone win without all the hype that most other programs have in the health realm. There are too many potions and lotions in society and people in general need to use food as their medicine and understand why certain things come about. An informed society is one that will not be dependent on the sole information given to them but they will find their own answers for true and vibrant health.